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Want to understand what is going on in Brazil?


Brazil’s opposition plays with impeachment as if it were a walk in the park

A Brazilian Operating in This Area

President Dilma Rousseff narrowly won the elections in October last year. Her cabinet is very likely the worst ever. The titanic corruption scandal at Petrobras will deprive her from important aides, ministers, key Congressmen and Senators. Perhaps even her Vice President. The economy is bound for another sluggish growth cycle and all that her Finance minister can think of is cutting expenses. She has had clear difficulties in dealing with politicians and in being more proactive in her second term. Sounds like bad governance. Still not enough for Brazil’s opposition to suggest she should be impeached.

No, there is no link between Rousseff and any of the corruption cases in the media these days. It is nothing like the days in which former President Fernando Collor got thrown away from office, in 1992. But there are opposition members who mention the I word as if her being involved were a given…

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Football in Brazil

Football in Brazil

Goal posts is Brazil

Goal posts is Brazil

Brazilian reaction to the World Cup

Brazilian reaction to the World Cup


Interesting info for travelers.

Julien Temple’s Rio 50 Degrees premieres in the UK on BBC 1

Rio on the BBC this Sunday!

Brazil the Guide

Julien_photo_b Julien Temple’s “Rio 50 Degrees” (AKA: Children of the Revolution) will premiere and screen in the UK as the first episode of Alan Yentob’s Imagine series at 22.30 on BBC One on Sunday, 18 May.

The film, produced by Mike Downey and Sam Taylor’s F&ME and Roberto Berliner and Rodrigo Letier’s TV Zero and based on an original idea by Critical Divide’s Christopher Pickard, paints a picture of a city under transformation as Rio de Janeiro prepares to host two of the world’s largest and most high-profile sporting events: the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games.

Julien Temple had filmed previously in Rio with the Sex Pistols, Ronnie Biggs and Mick Jagger.

Rio 50

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Brazilian elite uses the World Cup to show their discomfort in being Brazilian

Great article!

A Brazilian Operating in This Area

ellusmatsukawa “Down with this underdeveloped Brazil.” That is how jeans-wear Ellus decided to engage with the World Cup — by putting that message in a shirt. I suppose they have a lame PR response, saying it is against the bottlenecks, not against the country. Still all Brazilians who understand our stray dog syndrome know what people who wear that shirt actually mean. After all, Ellus stores are attended mostly by folks who don’t use the public healthcare system. They don’t study at state schools. And they rarely set foot into public transportation in Brazil’s main cities (although they gladly do it abroad).

So what are they frustrated about? Are they as selfless as the activists who protest with an end in sight, whatever that end is? Or do wealthy Brazilians voice their criticism out of sheer boredom?

My answer is that rich Brazilians are frustrated for being Brazilian. And they poison the tone about…

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Excellent BBC programme on Brazilian history

Excellent BBC programme on Brazilian history

Excellent BBC programme on Brazilian history

Jairzinho & Paulo César Lima Vintage 1966-80

Pictures of Brazilian Football heros

Beyond The Last Man

Brazil Last year we published the story about the abortive spell that the brilliant Brazilian internationals Jairzinho and Paulo César Lima spent in France with Marseille during the 1970s, here: An Unhappy Year In Provence For Jairzinho and Paulo César Lima  It’s one of many great tales from our archive and one worth bringing to the attention of our many new followers who might have missed it first time round.

To complement this post we have added a Vintage gallery sharing some memorable images, both at work and at play, of these dazzlingly gifted World Cup winners. As ever, click on any images to open the Gallery.

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