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Richard Klein was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1962 – two years before the military coup but the same year that the Rolling Stones and the Beatles recorded their first singles and the same year that Brazil would win its second FIFA world cup. Richard’s British-Jewish parents, who had moved to a booming Rio de Janeiro in the wake of World War II, and who were soon to prosper. They would never, however, fully adapt to their new land – and certainly not to either football or rock n’ roll. Richard, nonetheless, would grow up to love both. In fact, this is the heart of the story: the author’s journey of discovery of the land of his birth, as well as adventuring into the brave new world of rock culture in the 1960s, 70s and 80s, all under the sinister shadow of the military dictatorship that ruled Brazil at this time.

Lost Samba is part memoir, part document of the birth of the new Brazil – a fascinating first-person account of a dark, but exciting, period for the country. Richard tells of the bitter-sweet path taken by his generation. He shows, first hand, the enjoyment by the urban élite of the privileges secured for them by the military rule, then the crawling from under the claws of that regime and, ultimately, the unfolding of one of the worst economic disasters in Brazilian history.

This book peers through the many clichés about Brazil, and surprises the reader with anecdotes, adventures, reflections and facts, while managing to be a useful resource for those wishing to understand this huge country.

This is the fully revised, second edition, of Lost Samba. The book has also been re-designed and now has illustrations while the e-book now contains a plethora of links to help give the reader a comprehensive experience.


No one doubts that Brazil has gained international importance. At a moment when the pre-eminence of the United States on world affairs is being questioned, this Latin American giant is being courted politically and economically by both Russia and China, and also by the West. At the same time, Brazil finds itself in the interlude between the hosting of the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games, mega events that always place the host country under the spotlight of the world. Recently domestic politics has been on edge, leading to a dramatic electoral victory for the incumbent Workers Party, whose leftist economic ideals clashed with the opposition’s monetarist policies.

Although the book Lost Samba takes the form of a memoir – growing up in the rapidly changing Brazil of the 1960s to 1980s, it offers powerful historical and political insights into the recent history of the ‘sleeping giant’. Richard Klein, was born into a rare position of being the son of British-Jewish immigrants to Brazil.­  With this outsider-insider background, and with an adventurous and politicized spirit, Richard studied economics in one of Brazil’s top universities and as a teenager and young man experienced the intense moments that gave birth to the country’s current state of affairs. As an author who is able to understand the Brazilian mentality and history as clearly as a ‘first world’ mindset, his writing is ideal for those seeking “inside information” about how Brazil ­functions.


The son of British-Jewish parents, Richard Klein was born in Rio de Janeiro 1962.  He studied economics in Brazil but now works as a computer graphics artist and has contributed to the production of numerous blockbuster films. He is an accomplished musician, with some 400,000 hits on Youtube. As well as Rio de Janeiro, Richard has lived in Paris, Lisbon, Los Angeles, São Paulo and Glasgow. He is now is based in London.


“A powerful and rich first-person account of one of Brazil’s most interesting periods in its modern history. Klein, the son of immigrants, struggles to come to terms with his place in the land of his birth, offering a unique vision of this increasingly important country.”

Oliver Marshall – Author and Research Fellow, Brazil Institute, King’s College London

“First hand accounts of day-to-day life in Brazil like this are rare, and even more rarely this good. Richard is a talented storyteller and it was a pleasure to spend time in his world.”

Craig Louis Smith – co-founder of Brazil Wire website.

“Like a missing piece in a jig-saw puzzle Lost Samba helps complete the picture of modern-day Brazil. Using primary sources such as newspaper articles and photos, Klein creates a vivid literary montage of historical events that serves to both educate and entertain. Essential reading for English-speaking lovers of Brazil and her culture.”

 Brian Kazaara – chief editor of Bossa Nova Music: The Home of Bossa Nova

“Fascinating first person account of recent Brazilian history, incredible read.”

Daniel Hunt – co-founder of Brasil Wire website.



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